By Jeff

Meta Beta Geek is one of several online blogs authored by Jeff Todnem.  As a self-proclaimed geek, Jeff has spent a good portion of his career building and supporting technical hardware or software projects.  This blog serves to detail many of those projects as well as provide a platform for software, hardware, and other development-related discussions. As an avid enthusiast for all things code, Jeff has spent over a decade in the field of web design and application and database development.  His server-side experience includes traditional ASP, Coldfusion, PHP and some C# using either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server to drive applications behind the scenes.  Although server-side programming occupies much of his time, Jeff is no less obsessed with client-side design, incorporating Javascript and CSS technologies into many of his latest projects.  A vocal advocate for open source software,  Jeff’s current focus is on developing a variety of PHP and Javascript packages that can be used within the open source community.